A Framework For Improving Quality

Achieving, sustaining, and improving quality goods and/or services are fundamental to any organization desiring to compete (or at least, survive) in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. Just like any other organizational processes/ resources, Quality has to be managed properly along with the firm’s cost-effectiveness and responsiveness goals to ensure that the most-appropriate sourcing, production/ operations, distribution, and pricing strategies are properly formulated and executed.

Teams and Team Processes

Quezon City, Philippines This is an excerpt from ASQ‘s The Certfied Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence Handbook 3/e. Consistent with sound project-management principles, understanding the many interrelationships that exist between organizational units and processes, and the impact of these relationships on quality, productivity, and cost, makes the value of teams apparent. Team Defined A team isContinue reading “Teams and Team Processes”

Remote-Collaboration, an important element in successfully managing multi-located Teams.

Quezon City, Philippines. We are quite fortunate nowadays, that technology has provided us with tools that enable us to collaborate remotely—in fact, globally to that extent. I had the opportunity of using this technology in managing to successful-completion, all the regional and global initiatives that were under my watch while working for the Holcim Group Support (HGRS), Inc.—while based inContinue reading “Remote-Collaboration, an important element in successfully managing multi-located Teams.”