Export Management Capstone Project Summit 2016 – A Photo Essay

Photo credit: Ms. Rosette Apolinario and Arlene Sarabia, as organized and directed by Professor Ariel Pineda.

Venue: DLS-CSB School of Management and IT, Taft Campus’ Duerr Computer Lab2 and M302.
Why is it that the tallest (and most-handsome) always take the back row during group photo-op?
The summit kicked-off at the Duerr Computer Lab2, where all the faculty-clusters can be seen here busy with their respective assigned topics.
Professor RHEnriquez is raising a point here.
Professors RHE and Sheila, less Jorge, (far-left) are discussing their presentation materials.
Busy with the issue-at-hand or, Facebook?
Time to sit-back and relax. Professor RHE’s  cluster is now ready to present our case.
Professor Sheila: Grrrrr, it’s too cold where I’m currently seated—gotta change seat!
Professor RHE posing for Rosette’s shot: 1-2-3 click!
Work done. It’s time to listen to instructions from the organizer.
Having moved to a suitable plenary-venue (M302), the summit participants are all ears to a colleague’s presentation.
Professor RHEnriquez is seen here introducing his presentation-topic, and teammates Professors Sheila Salamanca and Jorge Gonzales.


Professor RHEnriquez presented his Team’s proposed guidelines for conducting the Technical and Production/ Operations aspects of a business feasibility-study, which can be viewed by clicking here.

RHE emphasizing an important point to the summit-participants.

Presentations on the marketing, finance, management and organization aspects were also conducted by the the faculty-clusters concerned.

As explained by Professor Pineda at the outset, the overall feasibility-study guidelines will be consolidated from results of this summit; to be deliberated upon, and finalized by a separate committee organized for the purpose.


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