Taking a Value-Chain Perspective on Innovation

(A reprint from the MIT-Sloan Management Review, Frontiers Blog, October 25, 2016) Getting value-chain partners on board is essential for innovation and e-business success. Market leaders have many advantages when it comes to adopting new technologies. They have the benefit of size, which can generate economies of scale. They have experience. They sometimes have dedicatedContinue reading “Taking a Value-Chain Perspective on Innovation”

Basic Procedures in Registering a New Business in the Philippines

Step 1: Business name registration at the DTI office The first step in registering a business is to register its trade name. The trade name is a very important part of your business, this will be used in your transactions. Your trade name must be unique and it is important to register it under DTIContinue reading “Basic Procedures in Registering a New Business in the Philippines”

The QFD-approach to Product Development

In the world of business and industry, every organization has customers. Some have only internal customers, some just external customers, and some have both. When you are working to determine what you need to accomplish to satisfy or even delight your customers, then the tool of choice is quality function deployment or QFD. QFD is a structuredContinue reading “The QFD-approach to Product Development”