Hug and Handshake, the song…

I started this project as a draft-poem “Ode To Bro Ed*”, and ended-up creating a song—and hopefully soon, a music-video production too (click the image to listen).


Please find below the lyrics of this song:



He was annoying,

Yet at times entertaining.

Ever alone and unhappy,

Drove me to hell like crazy.

But I’m convinced he was far more wise and merry.

I can only shake my head in disarray.


He always got us worried,

Pa swore without an end.

Mom had to pray and cry,

And the rest pushed him to fly.

He was a man so hard to understand,

One had to dig, very much far beyond.


He looked creepy, but he’s not;

Simply had lots of guts.

He pursued his dreams abroad;

In search of his living and broad.

Lived in lands afar and sailed the high and mighty sea(s).

He amazed me, and what a joy for a while that he was with me.



I sometimes wished he did not exist,

Yet most of the time, it did not persist.

I prayed too, that day will never come.

‘Cuz without him it won’t be the same back home.


We’re now in our midlife,

And can’t-seem to lick our life’s strife.

I wish to see him soon,

We’ve looked for it on and on.

We have got to rid of biases among us all,

As we’re only mortals, of same blood most of all.


I will surely hug him in the life far beyond,

To see and to hear him is a big welcome.

My eyes are now misty, for God and heaven’s sake,

With trembling hand, I’m now ready for that big handshake.

 (Instrumental, fade & end)


The accompaniment guitar-music below (folk-rock genre) was created using state-of-the-art software GuitarPro 6 and MIDI Guitar 2—enabling me to focus more on the creativity and innovation demands of the project, and less on its mechanical/ structural requirements.

To see the full accompaniment music and guitar-tab sheets, click the image below.

RHE - Hug & Handshake v2
Fig. 1 – Accompaniment Guitar Music- & Tab-sheet

You can listen to the song in-full by clicking here and as song No. 25 in “The Best Of MF&TG” album.

Music-video production is now in progress, and once completed it will be uploaded to my Vimeo site. Stay-tuned…

* A tribute-poem to my long-lost brother who celebrated his supposedly 62nd-birthday last May 6. 2017—RHE 

Published by Ramon H. Enriquez MIE&M, RME

Ramon ("Mon") Hojas Enriquez is a retired business executive who now spends his available time sharing the wisdom that he gained from his post-graduate academic preparations and 35+ years of hands-on industry practice here (Philippines) and abroad, as an Independent Management Consultant and as a Professional Lecturer/ Resource Speaker. He now focuses on management consulting, education and training---for the proper management of Supply-chains, Strategy-execution, and Decision-support. He has been advocating Sustainable Development and Climate-action since 2000. His affiliations with relevant leading global industry associations keeps him informed and updated on the current and future developments in the above-mentioned fields of interests. They include, among others: The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), Project Management Institute (PMI), Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS), American Society for Quality (ASQ), Institute for Supply Management (ISM), System Dynamics Society (SDS), and Climate Interactive (CI). Mon is a lifelong Systems Thinker and an avid micro-Blogger. His hobby includes Photography and the Graphics-arts, Singing, Guitar-playing, Songwriting; and Audio recording, mixing and mastering. When not traveling or visiting Clients, he normally spends his time at his QC-office cum studio or, at home with his Wife and dog.