Transforming Supply Chains/ Networks

Quezon City, Philippines. Supply Chain/ Network Transformation (SC/NT) entails fundamental change in the organization, and the rest of the chain/ network participants. It calls for much more than making small improvements within the traditional functional and organizational “silos”; with the objective of maximizing supply-chain value, and at the same time satisfying customer needs and wants.Continue reading “Transforming Supply Chains/ Networks”

Strategy Execution, The Project Management Approach

Quezon City, Philippines. The Strategy Execution – Project Management Approach (SE-PMA) is a high-percentage approach to executing strategies. The inability of organizations to effectively execute their business strategies is one of the major factors limiting their success. Recent management research and literature (Kaplan & Norton 2008) has thoroughly documented the importance of strategy execution inContinue reading “Strategy Execution, The Project Management Approach”