Some Positive Climate-actions for Petroleum Oil and Its Derivatives

Petroleum Oil and its derivatives are fossil-based fuels that are used widely in cars, ships, and planes; they are also used for industry-thermal processes, heating, and in producing electricity—through burning/ combustion processes that normally generates Greenhouse Gasses (GHG), the bulk of which are Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The extraction and transport of the said Oil have also, in several occasions, sparked major conflicts and oil spills that consequently harmed the ecosystems and water quality.

“4SocialDancing” – a playlist of dance-able tunes of yesteryear.

This blog is about my collection of 18 popular danceable tunes of yesteryear i.e., roughly, more than an hour (01:10:32H, to be exact) of dancing and/or listening pleasure. This is our (MF&TG) tribute to our fleet-footed friends who love to dance-socialize, and putting on-record what we have witnessed and appreciated during the past six-decades (1950-2000s) of playing/ singing modern-music and its related dance forms. I hope to have covered the traditional social-dance categories, as differentiated from the recent Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre.