Strategy Execution, The Project Management Approach

Quezon City, Philippines.

The Strategy Execution – Project Management Approach (SE-PMA) is a high-percentage approach to executing strategies.

The inability of organizations to effectively execute their business strategies is one of the major factors limiting their success. Recent management research and literature (Kaplan & Norton 2008) has thoroughly documented the importance of strategy execution in creating corporate value.

Sound execution is indeed critical—focusing on making strategy work surely result in a healthy organization. However, it is rather unfortunate that most organizations find it difficult to develop and adopt a disciplined approach to it.

While it is true that strategy execution can be difficult, but it is not impossible. A carefully planned, systemic, and systematic approach to execution is needed to overcome these barriers in attaining strategic goals and objectives. The SE-PMA is that approach i.e., by utilizing the proven project-portfolio management methodology in an enterprise scale.

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